♾️Introduction & Context

Welcome to the Arch Network: An execution layer that brings programmability directly to the Bitcoin base layer . Arch Network does not rely on any bridging or L2. It is a standalone protocol that creates the three essential pillars for a more enriched Bitcoin ecosystem :

  1. Smart Contract Programmability

  2. Speed via Parallel Execution (4000tx/block)

  3. Trustless Interoperability & Composability

To date, over 16 Layer 2 solutions have been developed attempting to address the lack of these foundational pillars. However, Layer 2s inherently involve a bridging process for both developers and users, necessitating a level of trust in the bridge or the Layer 2 while it siloes liquidity on different side chains.

Firstly drawing inspiration from Solana and the SVM, then incorporating Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Proof technology, Arch Network facilitates dynamic, turing-complete smart contracts. This novel approach fosters a decentralized ecosystem that enhances user experiences and fluid liquidity interactions. Moreover, Arch Network significantly enhances interoperability and composability, enabling smooth communication and integration between protocols and even non-compatible blockchain networks.

Discover the future of bitcoin smart contracts with Arch Network.

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