Arch & The Arch Network

Welcome to the Arch Network: A bridgeless Bitcoin-native application platform that helps users and developers unlock smart contract functionality while still benefiting from the foundational security and liquidity of the world’s largest blockchain.

This standalone protocol enables new DeFi, DAO, and other decentralized use cases by offering programmability directly built on the Bitcoin base layer, setting it apart from Layer 2 solutions that typically require additional chains and bridges, compromising security and liquidity in the process.

The Arch Network equips developers with the tools to build directly on Bitcoin's base layer, allowing them to facilitate data transfer, mint tokens, and develop decentralized applications while leveraging Bitcoin's robust architecture through its innovative contract standards.

Built to add programmability without necessarily sacrificing self-custody, Arch makes it possible for Bitcoin users to develop and interact with decentralized applications without taking on additional trust assumptions.

Its novel architecture consists of a two-piece execution platform: The Arch zkVM and the Arch Decentralized Verifier Network.

Discover the future of bitcoin smart contracts with Arch Network.

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